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How to express an ASCII number as the keystroke it represents?




In one part of my program, I used a "key down" event structure and used as my output the ASCII representation of whichever key was pressed.  Now, I need to convert an ASCII number into the key it represents.


That is to say:  My input is an orange numeric; perhaps the number 65.  I want to convert that number 65 into the keyboard key it represents, which is a capital A.  From there, it would be nice if I could add that character to a string of text.


I searched and searched the forum but found nothing.  Surely if an event structure can convert a keystroke into an ASCII number, then I can do it in reverse?!


Thank you.

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you could use an enum, which could be found here in the forum...


Do you know how to convert an enum to a string? (Hint: try the FormatIntoString function...)

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First I would change the type of your numeric input to be a unsigned 8-bit interger. Using a double doesn't make sense since you will never have fractional characters. Secondly, once you are using U8 values for your key values you can use an array of them which would effectively build your string. this array can easily be converted to a string using the primative "Byte Array to String".

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