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How to execute a series command automatically

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Yes. syringe can move very slow, and the instrument refuse to accept new command before it finish moving

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There must be a command to read the status of the syringe?  But I'm not going to guess any more.  Speculation is fruitless at this point.

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I just checked the manual

Yes. You are correct. there is a command to check the pump status.

I now need to think about how to add that command to my state machine vi so that I only send the next command when status is 1. probably use wait until ...


the attached is the manual. it is mentioned on page 3-32 or page 68

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Accepted by topic author flylark1977
10-25-2016 07:39 PM

So you add a "check statuts" state.


Ater sending a "start pump" or "stop pump" command go to "check status" and check the status at regular intervals until the status is 1



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