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How to embed "delta" symbol in Ring-control Ariel text-strings

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Attached is a (LabVIEW2011) VI with a ring-control that requires a font called "Ti92PlusPc".  The font includes a delta symbol but the font is "square-ish" and seems to be uniformly spaced.


Is there a way to have the delta-character in a ring-control with another font (like Ariel)?



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I suspect you'll need to use Unicode, which is a bit tricky in LabVIEW but possible.



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the ring text does not allow different font for different part of the string. you have few options:


- use font that has both symbols and text characters (kind of like weddings + Arial)

- use words rather than symbols

- use picture ring if the ring text is fixed

- use x-control or something similar to mimic a ring control appearance.



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Hi Kyle,

While the link you supplied was about updating string controls (which happen to support multiple fonts...), I _think_ your answer was correct: what I want to do - to embed symbols in a ring-control - can be accomplished with Unicode.  In fact, here's a link about Unicode and specifically working with the ring-control., THANK YOU!

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