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How to do surface fit to model for [x,y,z] data on 7.1 (MAC)?


I searched for surface fits, but didn't seem to find information I could use.

I am using the 7.1 Mac Version.

I have a set of x,y and z coordinates that I'd like to fit to a 2nd order equation using least squares (SVD), such that z=a+ bx+ cy+ dy^2 + exy + fx^2.

I am not sure how to go about it on 7.1 MAC version.

Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks.
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Look in Functions >> Analyze >> Mathematics >> Curve Fittting. The General LS Linear, Non-linear Lev-Mar, and Levenberg are there. One of these may suit your needs. The Lev Mar VIs are not easy to use. Expect to spend some time with the help files and trying simple data sets with known characteristics. These VIs are much immproved in the latest versions of LV.

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