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How to display or catch multiple errors in error cluster output


I have a program in witch I check for errors like this:


I want to see if any of the errors exist in program and display them in error out 2 cluster.


The problem I want to solve is:

If (for example) all three errors exist, I only see Error 3 (code -997) in error out 2 cluster, and other two errors (Error 1, Error 2) I don't see and they are lost.


How to display all errors?

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Hi Skoda,


How to display all errors?

You might:

- concatenate the error strings (the string can grow as long as you like, but the error number/boolean can still only take one error)

- log all errors to a file (I use a FGV aka AE for this task, it even stores the last ~100 errors internally for display purposes)


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Also see:

Capturing multiple errors for some VI's.

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Another option is to use an array of error clusters.

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