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How to display error messages and output from Matlab (which Matlab would typically send to its command window but no longer does when called by Labview) into Labview or allow it to be dumped into Matlab Command Window?

Using Labview 6i and Matlab 6.1. I want to be able to see Matlab warnings and error messages either in the Matlab Command Window or in Labview itself. Currently Matlab is called by Labview (which is working). However I would like to debug and/or modify my Matlab script file to better understand how the two programs are interfacing. It is difficult since no data or messages can be displayed currently to the Matlab command window. I would like to change that if it is possible - Labview is suppressing that from happening. If not possible to send these
messages to Matlab Command Window can I make it at least possible to see Matlab's actual warnings and/or error messages in Labview?
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I don't think you can debug your Matlab script from labVIEW. The following webpage talks about this:

My suggestion would be to write a script in Matlab and thoroughly test it before calling the script from a Matlab script node in LabVIEW.

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