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How to display a color image in mathscript node

I have linked matlab function code using the labview math node but i cannot take the output in colour. since only 2D image is available at the output node. I have also seen many threads starting this question but there was no conclusion. Kindly help me in this. I have attached my VI and the matlab program i am running.

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Displaying a PNG as an image is simple with the Vision Toolkit.

Show Image.png

Are you, perhaps, trying to work with the simpler 2-D Picture functions on the Graphics and Sound Palette?  That definitely has fewer capabilities ...


Bob Schor

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Thank for your reply Bob, but am trying to work with matlab that is why i am using mathscript node. I need to show as an image output (the resulting image using mathscript node), which i have also tried but it appears in blue. I think there is no direct way to represent the output as image display in the front panel. If there is anyother possible way to represent the output image to be viewable at the front panel from the mathscript node kindly post me.



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