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How to display PSA screen capture on Front Panel

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Any one know how to display screen capture of PSA series specturm analyzer on front panel. I can save the JPEG file in the C drive, but I can't display on the front pannel. Please see my labview code.

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You can read a JPEG file and show the result in a picture control.  Look in the graphics palette.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any other way than read JPEG file, like convert binary data to jpeg. I don't want to save all the JPEG file, then read it again.


Thanks again,



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Do you actually need to save the front panel image?  Or do you want to save a graph of the signal (spectrum) that you acquired?  If the latter will do the trick, you can simply read the waveform over GPIB (or whichever means you control the analyzer) into an array that is plotted to a waveform graph in LabVIEW.  You then save the image of the waveform graph as an image.


Since you have all the data, you can even save the data which can be viewed later (and not only by LabVIEW).

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Hi Ray,


Thanks for your help, I just want to capture the screen picture from equipmnet and place in front panel. I don't want any data. if I want any data, I can save the trace.

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Thanks, Very good information

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