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How to disable a single control field in a cluster in NXG?

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I have some troubles with NXG. I have defined a cluster with a variety of control elements. I would like to deactivate a single control element within this cluster. However, I can't find an option to do so in NXG 4.0. There was a very similar question asked a while ago without a working solution.


If I connect my cluster to a property node, I can select the disable option. This, however, only allows me to de/activate the whole cluster. If I connect it to a second property node, I get a type mismatch error, because the property node only sees a boolean. If I choose the value property, I can wire it to a second property node and access the individual values of my control. If I right-click on the control field in on the panel and create a reference, it is always referring to the cluster but not to the entry. Any idea what I can do? 



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There's no property to get Elements[]?


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At least, I cannot find it. Using the property node, I get the following options:



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I contacted NI support. The feature is unfortunately not supported yet. They just recommended using the internal help/send feedback function to send a request.


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