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How to develop webvi for multiple devices

Watching from this video LabVIEW NXG Web Module and downloaded the example from this link WebVIs: Developing your Web-based LabVIEW User Interface It showing different web view for different devices.

In the downloaded example, there are 3 web application. each for  main (looks for desktop), tablet, and mobile. How to switch between them by recognizing which device user used?


I know we could enable flexible panel. however in some cases we really need to develop completely different view for different device/screen size.
Any solution?

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I've never implemented this functionality, but I assume you could try using JavaScript to redirect to the correct page based on the browser or the screen size. For example: Redirect Mobile Devices 


In WebVIs you have access to the HTML, so you can include this function in your WebVI's Head.



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