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How to develop algorithms for eye-tracking using labview

Working on a senior project using vision builder, labview, and NI camera 1712. Unfortunately, none of us in the group has had a lot of exposure to working with any of it. So far, we've been able to have the camera to identify the eyes as well as developed a program that allows us to type in points in x and y coordinates and moves the mouse to those coordinates on the screen. Now what we want to do is sync up that eye movement so that the mouse cursor will move based on eyes rather than typing in the location. Could someone please help us with  developing/pointing us in the right direction of  how to create the algorithms that will allow us to use the real-time tracking of the eyes to moving the mouse cursor? 


Thanks a ton in advance!!! 😃

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Hi ashya09,


It sounds like you're close to getting your application working! Could you provide some more information on how you have both of these parts of your application implemented so I can help explain how to tie them together?


I'm assuming that you're using a Call Library Function Node with the SetCursorPos command to change the cursor position. Right now you're probably using controls or constants to wire in the position. You should be able to do the same thing but instead wire in an output from your eye identification. What function are you using for your eye identification? If you give me more information on this function I should be able to point you towards the right output to use.





Emily C
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Hello! Did you manage to get this project working? If yes, can you please outsource your code or drop hints? I am doing something very similar and I don't want to be reinventing the wheel. Thank you!

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Good morning,


You may have some trouble getting a hold of the original poster since this post is a few years old. It may be more helpful to post your specific questions in a new forum post with details about the problems you are having. 



Erika Broadnax

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Not only is the original post a few years old, but the original poster mentioned it was a senior design project, so ...


What have you done so far in your project, what is working, what isn't? We can help, but won't do the bulk of the work.

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