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How to determine if an array has reached the end

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I am using a recursive file list with a for loop. This at the end is an array, and I wish to lnow when the array of files has reached the last file if I am reading them one by one, without deleting them.
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Not sure exactly what you need, But you can always get the size of the array and compare with the current index to tell if you have reach the end of the array.


Post a screen shot of your code will help.

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05-21-2016 07:29 AM

Maybe I'm not understanding, but if you wire it to a for loop and indexing is on, the loop will stop when the last element in indexed in, just don't wire the loop count.

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If you do wire the lop count, you'd still never exceed the array.  You'd just take a subset of the array if the count terminal was a smaller number.

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Simple answer: compare iteration index with array size.


For more detailed answer we need VI with algorithm (C) Bob


If you are using for loop, you know number of iterations you want to execute. If you want to abort on some condition (file has bad name), you know this condition.

Recursive usually means while loop: you add files to the list and process them one by one. You add to the end of array, process from beginning. You may need to keep counter in shift register and increment it every time you process file.


Check recursive file from the Advanced file functions, it might help

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Probably if we knew why you needed to do this, we could give you a much more complete answer.


For instance, if you just need to iterate over the array, autoindexing will cause the loop to exit after the last element of the array was worked on.

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