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How to detect which data type is passed in ?

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ACiDuser wrote:
smercurio…, and for checking if Output is wired - the same?

No, you cannot check that. Why would it matter as far as your subVI is concerned?

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Then I could - not to process code for unwired output. - Only process data for the wired outputs. I mean - If an indicator is not wired to one of outputs - inside the VI anyway is processed whole code  and when it reaches the output (if nothing is wired) data is erased? But this processing consumes time and is useless.
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I have illustrated on a picture clearly what I want 🙂




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I think that a better option is to make a VI for each of the functions you need and not couple them.
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I would agree. It seems as if you are trying to do the same kind of optimizations that some compilers do when they see that a variable doesn't get used. I don't know exactly what it is that's inside the box that has you so concerned about consuming time. Be that as it may, you should approach this from a different angle. Think OO. In other words, provide accessor functions for the data so that the user can choose what they need. Thus, you can pretty much assume that if they use it, then you need to calculate it.
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I've already created a polymorphic VI, it works just perfect, cause it can handle variable number of inputs! thank you!
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Your last question had to do with outputs, not inputs.
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Ok, but for the topic-title solution is found 🙂
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In that case you should actually mark Ravens Fan's reply as the solution since he's the one who suggested it. Smiley Wink
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Yes, true. But how can I re-apply "solution" ?
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