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How to detect mouse click event?



I would like to have a vi to detect left, right and no mouse click. I mean that in the vi attached, Button2 should be 0 (no click), 1 (left c.) or 2 (right c.) depending on the event occured in i-1. cycle. My vi is the modyfied version of the one found here:


Sometimes it works fine, but another time nothing happens when I click.


I think the main problem is with the execution times at the for loop and event structure.


Could you help me how to deal with the problem?


Thanks you!


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Hi VampireEmpire,

Your For loop iterates twice. If an event occures during first iteration everything is fine - Button 2 refreshes during second iteration. But what happens when an event occures during second iteration? Does Button 2 have a possibility to refresh? 


1. Do you see the problem now?

2. And if you do - do you really need For loop? I would suggest you trying removing it and connecting shift register to the while loop.





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Hi Bluesheep!


Thank you for your fast reply! Now it works fine.

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