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How to detect a small Voltage Rising Drop with Noise

Hello gents, i'm working on a VI that can detect the timing start of an electric arc, the signal i have has very high values (i'm dealing with high voltage waveforms) and here i attach some zoomed in screenshots from Labview and another program to explain my problem.

As you can see the signal is quite noisy and the difference between the noise and the starting rising of arc is very small.

My questions are: how can i filter it properly and which filter should i use? How can I implement in Labview something that distinguishes the very small difference between the noise and the starting of the arc?

Note: the starting of the arc is the one circled and indicated in my screenshots, the starting of the arc doesn't always start around zero and I already can detect the end of the electric arc.


Thanks for your help


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Try to average within 10-20 us this will reduce high frequency noise

and try to set signal difference threshold over 50-100 us .


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A mean filter always help 🙂  ... BUT to detect slopes the median filter would be my first try 🙂

And I bet some of us would be challenged .. if you would had added some data 😉

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