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How to design a flexible table display

 I may like to make UI to display value as in the attached figure1.


5 factors can fix and point  to one test point, such as region, station, panel, phase, level, from big to small scale one by one.


Normally, user only care about station. But the problem is some time the other columns, such as region, panel phase and level, also need to be displayed.

Is it somehow possible to group the same scale using the tree display as figure 2. Or need to display all of them as figure 3.(Sometimes only 1 of the 5 factor needs to take care and displayed)

If can use the tree diagram, how to re-fille the values whe tree zoom in & out.


Another thing is every test point has many data in different timestamp. How to display them as in figure 4. Using another tree to zoom in & out?


Another need to take in mind is finally, some cell need to change color and some grid need cut paste into office.


Thanks so much for your help.


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Hi turbot,


Can  u give me some more detail or your vi.





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Thanks for your inquiry, now I am just design for it.


And found there are more than I can to put into a table, since there are 3 kinds of info, not only 2 kinds just for columns and rows. They are stations and related names, values and timestamps.


And it is also difficult to make the table in a flexible display type, such as expand or not expand the timestamp series as user like.

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Hi ,


  I have replied you with the example through your email .Since you also request through to (Sr no-68812).. Hope it will help.Sr no.






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