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How to create own Labview driver?



I would like to ask:

 Is it possible to create my own labview driver of a starter kit F283335 Delfino (Texas Instruments)? I read that it is possible with VISA-NI but is it necessary to install and use Instrument Driver Project Wizard (Tools»Instrumentation»Create Instrument Driver Project). Do I have another possibility to create directly a labview driver using the VI of VISA-NI? I have connected F283335 via USB cable and I can view it in MAX-NI as asrl7::instr. 


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No, you don't have to use the project wizard. That is mostly used when your instrument one of the common types such as dmm, power supply, scope, etc. There is a generic type and it can help organize your code in a standard way. So, if you don't want to use it, you are free to create VIs/subVIs as you please. You even have the option to use the Instrument I/O Assistant and not create a driver st all.
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Than you.


Than I have to use directrly VISA-NI or not. How I can all input/output ports of my device using VISA-NI. Is there any tutorial where I can see the basic principle of work? Is it necessary to recognize the device with MAX NI? 


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Yes, you have to use NI-VISA and yes, the com port has to be listed in MAX. You've already got that part done.

Controlling anything on the device is dependent on the resident firmware. I am not at all familiar with this device. Is the firmware something you need to write or is already present. If already present, doesn't the device manual explain the serial protocol?
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This is an evaluation starter kit with digital and analogue inputs/outputs, DAC, ADC, etc. I would like to see all my pins as I see them when I am using NI FPGA boards. Is it possible to see them and to read the information of the inputs/outputs using VISA-NI? I will check the serial protocol. It is a texas instruments device microcontroler that can be programmed with own software, named Code Composer. All registers and inputs/outputs are accessible and visible using Code Composer but I am not sure if I can access and see them, using VISA-Ni. My task is to make a user oriented application on high level for control the device microcontroler, programmed on low level with Code Composer. I think that using labview it will be easier and faster. The other solution is to create it using matlab or C++. 

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You won't be able to use it the same way as an NI FPGA card. NI-VISA just gives you an RS-232 connection. As I already said, what you can or cannot do over the serial port is dependent on your low level code. Neither matlab or c++ will work any differently.
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