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How to create colorized and animated schematic on front panel

I am creating a monitoring system for an air conditioning system. I would like to show the schematic layout of the system and work from there. My problem comes in displaying it. I would like to have pipes change color, make arrows animate to show flow and have a couple other animated gif's to show movement. What is the best way to go about coloring and animated such pipes. My first idea was to make a transparent png then position color boxes behind the pipes and change their color but this seems like a poor solution and I cannot make a good looking connection where two colors intersect. In addition I would have to then animated the arrows of flow on top of the color boxes so it seems like a poor choice. Hopefully I have explained this well enough, any ideas would be great.
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About the pipes.. do you know that every control can be customized?

Right click... advanced... customized.


About animations.. use a picture ring and change its value every few msec.


See Labview examples "using custom". It is a very nice one

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The simplest thing would probably be to just purchase the DSC add-on and you would get all of those controls.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I cannot seem to locate the "using custom, where is that located?


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Help>Find Examples


Search custom and Using Custom Controls and about 10 other VI's will come up.

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Tim Elsey
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Excellent, thank you
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