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How to control two daq assist according time?

Hello everyone. My name is Sophia.

I already studied the three hours Labview introduction but there are still some parts that I cant understand.

I am have created two daq assist in the labview programming. The first one is connected to LED(digital output) to switch on and off the LED. The second one is connected to photodiode (analog input) to record the data in terms of light emitted from the LED. These two daq assist are supposedly run at two different time consecutively. For example, the first daq assist will run to switch on the LED for 3 minutes. Then, the second daq assist will run for the photodiode to detect light emitted from LED for 2 minutes.

My questions are:

1) Am I supposedly use the same while loop for these two daq assist?

2) How can I control the first and second daq assist to run according to the time that I mentioned above?

Below, I send you two VI for first and second daq assist separately because I dont know how to combine them in one VI and control the according to their time.

If anyone knows, please guide me.

With best regards, 


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