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How to control the expansion of the cursor list sub branches?


I've written a small example VI to control cursors in a signal graph.

Its mainly about creating a new cursor and controlling style, color and

mouse interactions. Every cursor gets an entry in the cursor legend with

a small + to expand a sub branch (with values of all the plots at the

current cursor position). But now, as soon as you add a new cursor

n the "attribute node -> CursorList" by manipulating the array of clusters

all those sub branches expand.


In my example there will be only one plot, but 8 cursors and I would like

to avoid that every cursor needs 2 lines in the cursor legend enty.


So here's the question: is there a way to control the expansion of the

cursor list sub branches from the programmed code? I've added the VI;

please note that it is not finished totally, the commentary and frontpanel is

in german and the style is not the best. Its more for demonstration purposes.




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Hello Ulf,

unfortunately, to my knowledge, there is no way to programmatically control the cursor legend directly. You could create an own cursor legend by reading the plot and cursor properties and displaying them in a self-made array of cluster or tree control.

Best regards,
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Now two years later has anyone any idea how to solve this?

I'd be very interested!





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Oh yeah, two years later things have just got worse Smiley Surprised


I've noticed that I can't even manage anymore to close at all the second line by clicking the '-' sign in the cursor list, as soon as the cursor is not free... Am I wrong somewhere ?


Procedure : create a graph (I tried with both Waveform and XY graphs), select Visible Items -> Cursor Legend, right-click cursor legend and select Create Cursor -> Single Plot. Try to reduce the cursor tree Smiley Sad


This worked perfectly until LV2009, and the above 'feature' is present in 2010 and 2011..... Am I doing something stupid ???


Cursor Legend support has been vanishing since LV 8.5 (with suppression of VI Server API to the legend), and if NI keeps reducing it further, the cursor functionality will be eligible for complete suppression (no more users...)





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The easiest way to control this is to build a custom cursor information display. All of the cursor information is available through property nodes.


I have attached a quick and dirty example with a one-line cursor information indicator. This can probably show how to do it better than I can explain it.


Cursor Indicator.png


I hope this helps.



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Have there been any updates in later LabVIEW versions regarding this topic? I want to prevent all my single-plot cursors subtrees from expanding. Even if I manually hide the subtree by pressing '-' sign next to cursor, all subtrees expand every time graph is updated (images attached).

Is there a way to keep cursors display in compact form, other than creating array of clusters described earlier?







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Some of the things NI does from a default point of view really boggle the mind.  I have a vi that has six spectra and I wanted to give the user the ability to turn on or off any of the plots.  Imagine my horror when NI programmers, in their infinite wisdom decided that the best way to handle colors was to automatically change the colors to the order in which the plots are turned back on!!!  It took the enclosed piece of code in order to control a given color to a given channel of data...Ponderous.


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