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How to control load cell using up and down button through daq aasistant in labview?


Good morning everyone. I am having a problem whether the daq assistant in labview programming can be created to control the movement of load cell to go up and down?


My supervisor says something about the electrical data but I am not sure what he means.


If you know how to control it, please feel free to tell me. Thank you so much.

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First, for a lot of the forum members, it is evening, not morning.


Second, what do you mean by "control a load cell up and down"?


A load cell is used to measure force.  There is no control.  You just read the signal it gives you.


Are you talking about some sort of linear actuator you want to control?  And if so, provide some details like brand and model number.

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My name is Sophia.

Back to my question about the load cell.

It is actually test stand that had been attached to the loadcell.

The test stand is (EMX-1000N, IMADA). 

How to control the test stand with the loadcell to move up and down, and also controlling its cycles?Before, we controlled the up and down movement by using the up and down button that located at the test stand itself. Now, we want to control the up and down button through labview. 

Is it possible?

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So I googled that information and see it seems to be a pricey little machine.


So you can control it through the machines controls, now you want to control it programmatically.


Unless there are a few people on the forums who happen to read your message and have happened to use this device, I doubt you'll get any help here.


What you need to do is read the manual.  See what options manufacturer gives you for external control.  It might be through an analog input on the machine that you can hook up to an analog output card on your PC.  Perhaps digital inputs.  Perhaps through a serial or Ethernet communication protocol.


I updated the message subject to more accurately describe your question.

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Based from the page 5 of this manual, it will be possible to communicate with external devices using the optional cable. You might want to contact the manufacturer for support such as pin configuration and what type of signal will you exactly need.

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Regarding the wire connection for daq assistant to give digital output to the test stand, it is already connected to the daq device through start wire and ground wire of the test stand with the help of my supervisor.

The problem is, how to create the LabVIEW programming that have up and down button to move up and down the test stand programmatically through daq assist?

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Open up example finder in LabVIEW and look for digital output examples.


Also I would recommend looking at the online LabVIEW tutorials
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
Learn LabVIEW

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