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How to control a hydraulic system by PID

Hello, I am PhD student at the University of Zilina in Slovakia. I am currently working on a project to use PID control toolkit. We are running LabView 5.1 and PID Control Toolkit ver.2.1 under Windows NT4. We have bought a ATMIO16E10 card for the application that requires control of a servo-valve. Components of the hydraulic system are Regulation Axial Hydraulic Pump (generator), Nonregulation Axial Hydraulic Motor and Servo Valve which control movement of pump plate. I have a program which measure output voltage to servovalve, input revolve of hydromotor from tacho, pressure form transducers (pump), torque and revolve (pump) and movement of hydropump plate. My view of program is:
1.The card will acquire data from tacho, p
ressure transducers, torque and revolve transducer, movement of pump plate. The difference between measure and required value of hydromotor revolve will error.
2. Then the signal will go through a P, I, D process and the variables are changeable.
3. Then the process signal will output through the card and give voltage (current) to the servo valve to control of hydropump plate for the change of revolve of hydromotor.
At the same time there will be a graph on Monitor with measurement values and control voltage and the process goes until value is stabilized.
I have a very little idea of how to use PID control toolkit. I would be grateful if someone could give me some advice which type of P, I, D controller can I use and how it tuning. Might anyone have a idea of how I can use our measure program?
Thanks for any replies, peterk
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you migh consider the following text

Process Dynamics and Control by Seborg/Edgar/Mellichamp

It has good examples and discussion of tuning and the use of PID.

Good Luck

Preston Johnson
Business Development Manager
Industrial Applications
Preston Johnson
Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analytics
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