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How to control a brushless motor via LINX

Hello Guys , 

To start with ,  i am not an expert this is my first time using LINX and labview .

I am trying to command a brushless motor via Labview 

so I downloaded LINX , i installed it , i used a program to send PWM to a LED at port 3 ( pwm)  in arduino , everything works fine .

But when i try to send the PWM to my Brushless motor it wont work or it spin for few seconds ( 2 sec tops ) and stops ! 

Can someone help me ? 

i need it for my project 

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Mohamadou do you have the specs of the brushless motor (datasheet)? Is your hardware connection from your ardiuno to the motor is correct? Or is it your port configuration is wrong after you switch over from the LED to the motor.. you need to provide more details such that the forum members who see your post could further assist you with

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