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How to connect furness controls FCO510 micromanometer to PC via RS232

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You don't have the same problem if your com port is not listed by windows. How are you using matlab if you are not addressing a specific com port? Is the port a USB>RS232 converter or a built-in to the pc?

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I know that the FCO is connected to 'COM1' and can call it in Matlab as such. The port is an inbuilt one, i.e. it is not a USB>RS232 converter. But anyway, after having a look round I found reference to serial ports not working in LabView unless NI-VISA was installed. I have installed this software and it seems to now work. Thank you for your response though.
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Then the com port was actually listed in device manager.

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Yes the COM port is listed in device manager, but the FCO (which I know is in COM1) is not listed there.
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The instrument itself is not supposed to be listed anywhere.


In any case, despite the incorrect description of the problem, you managed to get things working.

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Hi all, help me please.. urgently.


I am new with Labview Serial.

I have no idea how to communicate furness control fco732 using labview.

Currently, i try using basic serial write & read from Labview example.

Didi i missed something or any modification needed on the vi.


I am sure connection is OK due to successfully get result using furness software (fbuss Utility).


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It is hard to tell if you missed something because you haven't posted any code to look at it.  You haven't told us what is working and what isn't working.  Do you get any error messages?  What command are you sending and what response are you receiving?

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