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How to connect furness controls FCO510 micromanometer to PC via RS232

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Hi all,


I am a newbie at using Labview and any NI products for data logging. I am currently undertaking research to gather data in real time from a Furness Controls FCO510 Micromanometer to perform some analysis of an annular diffuser duct used in gas turbine exhausts. I followed the user manual provided by the company but did not get any results. At first I tried Hyperterminal and then Labview, failing both times to receive any input back from the manometer at all. Also, I am not able to recover any logged data from the micromanometer.


Can anyone give me any hints or guide me as to what should be done to resolve this issue.


Thank you.

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Good to see that you have tried Hyperterminal.


Is your cable correct and in Hyperterminal did you set the COM port settings to match the instruments settings (baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits)?



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When interfacing a new instrument- find a command that requires no response- ideally a reset command- and FIRST figure out how to send that.



This assumes, of course, that you can tell if it has responded to the reset command.


Often that first step of establishing communication can be a real bottleneck.  

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Baud rate = 9600

parity = none


I have left the other settings to default. The cable is a standard RS232 from the market.

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RS-232 can be tricky. Note that there are at least two "standard" cables, a regular (direct connect?) and a null modem cable. If one doesn't work you might want to try the other.


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I had a similar problem a while back in that I couldn't connect to something via the RS232 port on the PC (either through Hyperterminal or LV), when I put the signal through a RS232 to USB converter it worked first time and as expected.


Maybe there are some settings in Windows that can be changed but I had the converter sat on my desk and once it worked I couldn't be bothered to check...!


Take it easy,



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Accepted by topic author ukbaisdumb

I have found the solution. As indicated I need a null modem cable with handshaking. So I made one on by connecting in the following way:

FCO510                      PC








all other pins left untouched.


thanks to ur help guys!

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I am also stuck up with same problem,


Can u attach the example code & wiring diagram for RS-232 cable.


That will help me.


Thanks & regards,


S. Senthil Prakash


Research Associate



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for the rs232 cable (pc end) short 7&8,  6&4 pins.


source: furness controlsss 🙂




mama miya

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I have the same problem. I have the correct cable and can write data to the FCO using matlab but can not get it to work from LabView. The port the FCO is connected to does not register anything in Windows Device Manager. Can anyone help?
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