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How to connect TI F283335 via RS-232 to Labview?



I am working with labview 2012. I have an Experimenter’s kit Delfino F283335 (Texas Instruments). I would like to connect it with labview. I have connected to the computer with USB cable. I have launched NI MAX and I saw that my device is recognized as ASRL7::INSTR (COM7). My question is:


Is it possible using NI VISA to realize a connection between Texas Instruments electronic board and labview? I would like to read the information coming from I/O of the TI board. I am not sure if it is possible to write in TI board too? 

My first task is to read the information coming from TI board with labview. Is it possible to view all inputs and outputs (I/O) of TI board and to access the information coming from them?


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Hi tiho_bg,


I can see a duplicated post here

I believe 

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