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How to configure and connect the oscilloscope with the pc?

can anyone guide me to connect the oscilloscope with the pc through ethernet port, to use labView.
the Textronics oscilloscope TDS7154 is not getting detected by the pc.
TDS7154 has VXI-11 server running and PC has LabView 8.5 with NI-VISA 3.5
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Hey Yuvashree,
One way to communicate with your instrument over tcp/ip is to use VISA. If you can create a VISA resource that "links" to your instrument, there shouldn't be a problem communicating with it in LabVIEW. Check out this KnowledgeBase, it details how to configure things in Measurement & Automation Explorer(MAX). It looks like you already have all the necessary drivers and information. Hope this helps

Can W
Can Wong
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When you say "the Textronics oscilloscope TDS7154 is not getting detected by the pc" what do you mean? Do you mean that you can't ping it to see it on your local network? That's the first thing you should verify. If you can ping it, then you should go into MAX and make sure you can make a connection to it with VISA before you even start with LabVIEW.
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I have installed all the necessary tools and drivers. I have configured TCP/IP resource in Measurement & Automation Explorer. I am able to communicate with the device through VISA Test Panel without any error. I am able to read the oscilloscope's device description through this test also. Upto this point its clear.
Now I need to know, how i can measure the amplitude and frequency related measurement using signal express and labView 8.5

I am trying with a new project created in labView, and inserted VISA I/O, TCP/IP instrument. but it is not listing my TCP/IP device in that.

My ultimate goal is to measure the amplitude and frequency related parameter of a signal, physically inputed to a oscilloscope.

Can you kindly help me to proceed further.

Thanks & Regards,
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Do you have these drivers? These are for the scope itself. Basically they're canned VIs to configure the scope and get data from it. In the "tkdpo7k Initialize VI you need to specify the VISA resource name. The online help for LabVIEW lists the syntax for this. For a VXI-11 it's probably going to be something like GPIB-VXI[board]::VXI logical address[::INSTR].

You can also use MAX to create an alias for the scope so that you can just enter an alias in the VISA resource name control. If you already have the instrument in MAX just set an alias for it, and enter that alias in the VISA resource name control rather than the complicated syntax for the VISA resource name.
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I can see the TCP/IP resource in MAX and able to communicate with the Scope. through VISA test Panel, i am able to receive the scope's identification details. But I am not able to develope the VISA Driver for TCP/IP hardware. Only PXI, USB and Fireware options are available in the wizard. How do i develope a driver for TCP/IP hardware and how do i measure the signal through SignalExpress or LabView. -Nalina
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Why are you trying to develop your own drivers? Did you download the drivers in the link I provided in my previous response?

The link, in a more explicit form, is:
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Can TBS series oscilloscope be connected through LabView to get the data Acusation on PC??

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You should have started a new thread since this is old and your question is not related but the answer is yes. You need to provide the exact model and connection type for details.
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