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How to configure an ip camera in labview

Always start with MAX.  If you have the camera attached to a network reachable from your PC (i.e. your Camera's IP is in the local subnet of your PC), then you should be able to "discover" the Camera by opening Devices and Interfaces under My System, then looking in Network Devices.  If the camera is on the network but not directly on your local subnet, you can still get to it, but you need to not only know the IPs of your camera, but may need to do some fancy stuff (which I don't remember, but could probably figure out again).  There is an NI function that says it will find IP cameras on other sub-nets, but as of LabVIEW 2012, it didn't work (and I haven't tried 2016, for example).


Bob Schor

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Bob, i tried all stuffs i know, but i cant make work.

Can u send me any example?



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