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How to configure an ip camera in labview

I need to control several ip cameras in labview, but I don't know how to configure and add one of these cameras in a labview application, in order for me to get video and to take pictures.

Can someone please tell me how to do this in a way that doesn't involve a camera adapter that can only handle 1 camera at a time. And if I have to use one of these softwares, please sugggest one that can handle a minimum of 5 cameras at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nando1988,

I share with you some links about image and video acquisition with an IP Camera. the first one guide us to have a buffered Acquisition and the second to have an continuous acquisition and convert the images into a AVI file, you can do this for one comera or multiple cameras. Important: You need to have installed the IMAQdx driver for this tasks and LabVIEW.


Hope this information helps you.


Omar I.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I just saw the examples you suggested, but I still don't understand where is the IP camera configuration. I need to use this with multiple IP cameras, but I can only see the local cameras I have on my computer.

Can you please help me out?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi nando1988,

If I Understood, you can see cameras connected to your computer but not the cameras in the local network. Am I right?

I'm sending you a manual to connect an IP Camera to your system and recognize it.


I’m sending you another document that explains how to acquire image from a specific camera in the network, is like a Getting Started with NI-IMAQ.


Hope this information helps you in this and another projects.


Omar I.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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If the cameras are on the same subnet as the PC,MAX should find them.  However, if it is on a remote subnet, it's a little more difficult.  We managed to do it by having a utility from the camera manufacturer (AXIS) that was able to find the camera by IP and MAC address.  We then figured out how to create the appropriate .IID and .ICD files in the Public Documents\National Instruments\IMAQdx\data folder for each of the cameras on the remote network.  Once we did this, MAX could "see" them.  My colleague who's the Camera bug is currently on vacation, but if you are still having trouble, he may have some ideas ...

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 i have this problem

i need to know how connect my ip cammera to labview

plz help me thanx

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Please do not "hijack" an old thread.  If you have a new issue (even if it is similar to an older issue), please start a new thread, giving as much information as possible about your particular situation.  In your case, when you start your new thread, tell us about your LabVIEW configuration, what Vision software you have installed, your experience with LabVIEW (have you done a lot of LabVIEW programming?), and what camera or cameras you are using.


Bob Schor

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 How to configure an ip camera in labview

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Do we need to copy/paste Bob's post just before yours?

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Hi there,


i have a D-link DCS2100(ip camera) and i need to connect to LabView. Anyone can help me with a example?

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