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How to configure LabVIEW 2010 to communicate with GE Speedtronic Mark VI ethernet global data (EGD)

We want to use LabVIEW 2010 to send/receive floating points from LabVIEW 2010 to/from a network ( that utilizes GE ethernet global data protocol (EGD).


The network has several HMI's running Cimplicity Plant Edition 4.01.


We can configure Cimplicity to read modbus points from LabVIEW using LabVIEW's multi-variable editor and a modbus slave library.


However, we cannot get the points from LabVIEW to read/write to the EGD protocol.  Anyone ever run into this?

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How are you trying to do this communication? Are you using NI OPC servers? If so, our OPC servers should be able to talk to some EGD complient devices. You can find a list of these devices here.


If you're not using NI OPC servers, how are you trying to do the communication?



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We are using a NI Modbus Slave module. 


NI Modbus --> Cimplicity


Cimplicity is receiving Modbus from  LabVIEW and EGD from the Mark VI controllers.\

We will try to use NI OPC server next.

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In theory, the Modbus library should work with any protocol that uses TCP communication. Did you have any luck with NI OPC servers?

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EGD is a UDP message (port 4746h) with a special header.EGD Header.JPGSee below for header structure (32 Bytes). Send UDP at constant rate. Limit user data to 1400 bytes. If you want to receive EGD data don't forget to increase the MaxSize connector on UDP receive to 1500. Are you using the a csv file or SDB Server to get tag names? Or manually entering tag names in cimplicity? This works much better than OPC because all parameters are contained in your labview executable. If you have a redundant cimplicity HMi Server send as Broadcast to the local subnet. All consumers will get the EGD telegram.  Example IPA of  Server 1 IPA and Server 2 IPA


Maybe to late for this project but would be a good upgrade or the next project.

EGD Header.JPG

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Hi, Slow process for configure to control board. GTC has the largest stock of GE Speedtronic control boards.

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Hi, i'm triying to read the temperature by serial port, can you help me?

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@Harrix wrote:

Hi, i'm triying to read the temperature by serial port, can you help me?

This has nothing to do with the existing discussion here. Please ask the moderator to move your post to a new thread in the correct forum.


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Dear Dave,


I want to communicate my PLC with a Mark VI system. I know Cimplicity communicate to Mark VI using EGD.


I am able to read data via EGD, but I am not able to send commands to the Mark VI. I am not sure if you are using Fanuc PLC or systems like Mark VI, because I analyzed data and the protocol seems different respect the one you post it. Maybe are there different versions for Mark VI or Fanuc?





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Maybe you could communicate with it using OPC servers? I'm not familiar with a Mark VI, but I heard mention of of that route after some quick research (

Aaron L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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