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How to communicate with N3300A without using IVI Driver?

I'm trying to control a N3300A electronic load via GPIB using LV 7.1 throug the laboratory LAN and an Agilent Gateway. My network and gateway are correctly set as I can control other instruments that are based on VISA sessions. However the LV driver that can be downloaded uses IVI connections, and, when using the Gettting Started VI, I cannot connect to my instrument.


I've tried to change the resource name (default "GPIB::14::INSTR") by my instrument adress "TCPIP0::,7::INSTR" but I cannot communicate with it anyway.


Does anybody knows how can I make this IVI driver work on my network?


Is there any other VISA based library for the N3300A?


Thanks in advance





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Well, this is just a hunch but isn't the driver that you downloaded supposed to be used with the device directly? If you are using it with the gateway, what protocol do they support? Will they be able to do IVI communication?
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Hi dax_32,


First of all, you have to detect the GPIB/ENET interface in MAX and make sure the GPIB instrument respond your command (*IDN? for example). Follow instructions from this link to install and discover the GPIB/ENET device:


Once you can see the GPIB/ENET device, make a "Scan for instruments" to discover the instrument and send it a command using the menu option "Communicate with Instrument". You cannot communicate via IVI driver if VISA doesn't recognize the instrument in the system.


In the IVI configuration you have to reference to the VISA resource without using the IP address (GPIB::2::INSTR for example).


Important: before use IVI examples, you have to configure it in MAX, Have you already done it?


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