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How to close & exit the Switch Soft Front Panel from LabVIEW?

Instead of an Excel file, try writing to a Text file.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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I tried writing it to a measurement file and it did work. It gave me the times at which I was switching the relay and the respective ones that were switched. I have one issue though. The only problem I have with this is that the timer starts from the moment I activate a relay instead of the moment I run the VI. I would rather have an output file that starts its timer from the moment I run the VI.


I am attaching the VI which is a slight modification of one of the VIs posted in the thread. Note that I am using two separate 'write to measurement file' palletes because integrating them to one is giving me some issues. I am relatively new to LabVIEW and would appreciate any help with regards to this. Thank you.

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The timer is based on the system clock.   It starts when you turn on your PC and increments every millisecond.  It isn't tied to your first relay switch or to the start of the VI.


If you want it based on the starting time of the VI, place a trick count function in outside of the loop and wire that into the loop.  Now subtract that value from the value coming out from the timer data node.  Now you'll have milliseconds since your VI started.

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