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How to change the default print option from postscript to standard printing?

In LabView 5, I could change printing option from postscript to standard and it became default.  This means, if you open a new VI the next time, the printing option will remain as standard.
But in LabView 6.1, changing the printing option to standard only remain effective until LabView is closed.  Next time I open a new or existing VI, the print option remains as postscript.
How do I change the default print option?
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I believe the printer setting you specify is stored in the LabVIEW INI file.  If you don't have write access to the INI file, or if for some reason it is not being read on LabVIEW launch, your settings will not stick.  You didn't mention what OS you are running...if Mac/Linux, make sure you have admin privileges to whatever folder contains your LabVIEW INI file.  If Windows, I guess the same suggestion applies.  If you're sure about the privileges, try changing other settings in Tools > Options and see if they stick.  If they don't stick, then it's definitely an INI problem...if the print setting is the only one that doesn't stick, I'm not sure what the issue might be...perhaps search the KnowledgeBase and see if this is a known problem with LabVIEW 6.1.

Good luck,

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Hi, Darren.

Problem solved.  Thank you very much.

Rgds, Data

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What was the solution to the problem?  Posting the solution may help future LabVIEW users.


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In 'labview.ini', I found one line as 'postscriptPrinting=True'.

Removing the line allowed me to change the print option and made it stick.

Regards, Data

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