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How to change Y-axis scale?



How can I change the scale of Y-axis?


My graph :





The signal is in a scale between 0-800 (hexadecimal), that's why the graph has that scale. But I want to "convert" that 0-800 hexadecimal in 0-5V.

So I'd like to put the scale of Y-axis between 0-5V, without change the signal. It is possible to do this?


Thank you*

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What exactly does 800 hexadecimal mean?  If you subtract 1 from it, is it 799, or 7FF?  The answer to that question is needed so we can help determine what is the right way to convert for you.


Give us some examples of typical data.


If you want the graph to show 0-5, then just do the conversion, and divide before sending the data to the graph.  For example, divide by 160.

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