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How to capture more frames of WebSocket data

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Hi All,


I am currently using the WebSocket library to develop a handler for communicating with a Webserver and I am running into an issue where the response I want sometimes comes 1-2 frames after the request is made instead of directly following the Write request.



Is there any way to set up a WebSocket listener then to capture all of the frames for a certain amount of time? I tried looping this section by rereading until the response contains the data I require but I could not get that to work.


Any advice or suggestions about how I could go about solving this? Also let me know if there is a better place to discuss these kind of issues!



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As a followup I have been able to get the loop to work by sending corresponding ping-pong messages to the Webserver in between repeat reads. This does still cause an error if there is nothing there so I have to ignore passing it on but it seems to work fine now.



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