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How to call a subVI containing IMAQ display?

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and the IMAQ display control is cited by main VI.

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The IMAQ image has an option that makes it update when it's changed (by a sub VI). Or you can give the sub VI an image in and an image out. Wire the output to the image indicator to update it.

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Accepted by topic author xiaohe

Without your attaching your code (both Main and sub-VI), it is very difficult to understand your issue and question.  I assume that you know that the IMAQ Display is a Front Panel object, and that, ordinarily, the Front Panel of sub-VIs are not visible, correct?  There are numerous (I can think of three off the top of my head) ways to "Have your Cake and See It, Too", but you need to show us what you are trying to do (or else hire one of us to do it for you).


Bob Schor

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