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How to calibrate NI 9263 & NI 9215

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Hi all,

I am trying to re-calibrate these 2 devices. I have read the official NI documents on this procedure and i do not understand what it is asking me to do. I created the VI in the document but i am not sure as to how that helps me with calibration. 


I need the calibration because there seems to be sufficient noise in my data. For instance when a value should be zero, i get negative values which i cannot write to my devices.


I have attached the pdf that i downloaded from the NI website and the VI that built for the calibration.


Any help or suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated.




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the calibration procedure shows you, how to measure the signals from the device,

so you can see if your device is in range with the specifications or not.


If the device is out of range and you would like to rewrite the internal register from the card.

You need a software called calibration executive 

and the required hardware for your device to rewrite the registers.


The VI´s must be connected togehter to make the measurements.Picture1.jpg

 best regards

best regards
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