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How to adapt project from sbRIO-9632 to sbRIO-9626



I'm currently working on a project that involves interfacing with an sbRIO model 9632, to control and comunicate with several devices through digital and analog I/O. We've recently decided that we would like to start using the newer sbRIO model 9626, for its faster speeds and smaller footprint. Is there an easy way to port the FPGA and Real-Time programs that I've written for the older sbRIO to quickly work with the new board? What's the smartest way to go about this? 


Thanks for the help!

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I know your VIs can just be copied right over.  Where I have yet to have sucess is the setting up of the IO in the project.  You will likely have to set that up manually during the change over.  I'm really hoping somebody will prove me wrong with the IO.

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