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How to access markers from traces in VNA through LabView Coading

Hi Folks!!


I am working on a project which includes the interfacing of the agilent pna x 5242 with LabView through GPIB port. Most of the helping material and codes are available but i am stuck on a marker accessing problem.


I successfully created the markers on the two different traces, each separate trace placed on seprate window but on same channel. I was able to place my desired markers on my desired X-axis frequecy point, as i required the corresponding Y-axis value. 


but actual problem is that i am reading these markers from another VI. that VI is working perfectly but because of the fllow of the program i am able to read only the last generated trace markers and i was not able to read the markers of 1st trace.


picture 1 shows the traces and markers generation


picture 2 shows the marker placement


picture 3 shows the marker reading VI.



error which i VNA shows is "Uninterupted Query"







here are attached few parts of my codes ....

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