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How to access colour pallete

Hi all,


I am new to LabView and am loving it, that is most of the time.  At times though I have things in my head which I can't seem to get to work on the computer.


The latest is trying to use the Property Node of various things to specify colours etc.  For instance, I wanted to change the colour of a slider using the property node and I can select the property and get it to display in the Property Node but I can't figure out how to get it to specify a certain colour.  I have had a look at examples where they do this but I can't seem to find what the colour they used is and where it is specified.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Just get a colorbox diagram constant (found in the "graphics&sound...picture function" palette), select the desired color, and wire it to the property node.

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Many thanks for that.  Would all the properties for font style etc be in there as well?



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NO. Often you can just right-click the property to get detailed help on what's expected.

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Thanks for that.  I have been tearing my hair out because right cliching on the colour property didn't actually bring any helpful information up.  Your solution with the colour box and wiring it to the property solved that one but I am sure there are many others that I will come across.


Many thanks for your help.



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Often you can just right-click the property and select "create constant". This often gets you the right datatype, especially useful if the datatype is e.g. an enum. For color data you would get an U32 numeric where you could enter the RGB values as a triple-octet after changing the formatting th hexadecimal. This is less than ideal, and that is the reason I wrote this idea long ago. Please vote or it. 😄

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