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How to access Combo box from main VI in sub VI?

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Trying to set up a test in a main VI. In this main VI I have a combo box to choose the type of test to run. I want the user to be able to select from the combo box and use that selection in a sub vi to tell the sub vi which specific test is going to be run. How to I access that combo box selection within a sub vi? I was looking at something with control refnum, but I am not sure if that is the best approach and/or how to do it within the sub vi. Any help or guidance would be awesome. 

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Why not pass the combo box value as an input to the subVI (as one on the connector pane)?


Do you have any requirements for event detection within the SubVI?

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Is the subVI interactive, running in parallel to the caller and the selection can change wile it is executing, or is it sufficient to set the state when the subVI is called?


(This is a very generic problem, not specific to combo boxes. We typically can give significantly more detailed answers if you could attach a simplified version of your caller and subVI)

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This was the exact solution I needed. Very simple and does the trick. I was trying to think at a deeper level than what I needed.

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