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How to Zoom in or out in a 3D Plot??

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 Hi guys,


I have created a 3D plot with the Creat_Plot_Parametric.VI. (I made a sphere) But I unknown how to move my view through the space. I want to Zoom In and Out. It doesn't have options like the XY Graph.. Someone can give me an advise?

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Which control do you use?


For 3D plot controls in Modern->Graph->3D Graph, holding Shift and mouse left button then move the mouse up for zoom in and down for zoom out


For 3D plot controls in Classic->Graph, use mouse wheel to zoom.

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Yeap, I have discovered it a couple of hours ago, the solution was holding ctrl or shift to move my view throught the space.


anyway thanks,

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Is there a way to change the control gestures? for example change the zoom in/out controls of 3D surface to +/- buttons in the keyboard?

Zoom in/out include a combination of keyboard and mouse gestures to execute. This is hard to simulate in surface pro gestures.

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