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How to Sort Shared Variable Libraries

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I have large SV libraries in my project that I would like to sort by variable name.  I tried to export to excel, sort and then import back into the library but the sort did not appear.  It looked like it was loading each variable then the Multiple Variable Editor opened up with the original list (unsorted) I pressed Done and then was back to were I started.  Any Ideas?

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In LabVIEW you are able to sort shared variable libraries by right-clicking the library»Arrange By»Name. 


Sort SV.png


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Awesome, thanks for pointing that out.

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I going to implement  Thermister and RTD  linearization circuits  using labVIEW.please guide me and mail me the informaton about how to implement  the Thermister and RTD  linearization circuits  using labVIEW.


                                   thanking you sir.


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Stop hijacking unrelated threads. You did the same thing here. You should start a new thread and attach the code you have already written. You also need to provide the hardware you have.

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