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How to Set System Mappings For Veristand Using API

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I am trying to make a VI that would map the system channels for me inside of a Veristand system definition file. I have quite a few mappings to make and many of the port names are repetitive, so this should be easy to implement. I have attached pictures of my attempt below. The front panel shows the results. The Get Sources and Get Destinations indicators show the one mapping that I made inside of Veristand itself.


I have used the Get Channels block in LabView to verify the path structure and you can see from the Get Sources and Get Destinations indicators that they are correct.


I am planning on throwing this in a for loop and incrementing the number to make all of my connections.


Thanks in advance,


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I wrote up some very similar code and it seems to configure system mappings correctly for me as long as I have the system defnition file closed while running the VI.

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It does work properly. I had a space character at the end of some of my port names that I did not realize I had.


Another way to do this that is very nice is to create a tab delimited text file.


Source tab Destination

Source tab Destination


and then import into the system definition in the channels dialog box.



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