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How to Programatically deploy VI and Execute

Hi All,


I want to programatically connect,Deploy and execute the RT VI from the Host .

I should just click one start button from Hist that should Connect with RT,Deploy the RT VI and start executing .


Please let me know how to do this.




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Create a build specification for an .rtexe (Real Time Application), deploy it and then right click and 'Set as startup VI' and it will execute automatically after the RT target reboots.


Whoops, re-read and realised that wasn't what you asked. Apologies.


Here is my attempt to redeem myself:


I think you can do this with the System Configuration palette under Measurement IO - I think you can create a system image and then deploy it to targets programmatically. There is more information here:


Previously I think you used the system replication tool - there's information about that here:


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Hi prajwal.prithviraj,


The following link may be of use to you:


Is this the sort of functionality you are looking for?

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