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How to Ping a network device from RT controller

I tried your suggestions and they work great.  I too had already fixed the stdcall issue (Forgot to mention that).  The odd thread thing and the ioctl does seem to be overcome with the combination of UI thread and the times structure, but getting rid of that ioctl allowed me to remove all UI thread settings and the times structure.  The resulting trace looks vastly better now!


Thanks for the help!



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Any chance there's a Linux version available for Linux RT device?

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I would think a Linux RT VI could just do a system call.  PharLap doesn't have this and many tricks need to be performed.

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Hi, i'm using your ping vi on a RT Pharlap controller with LabView RT 2013.

I have a loop in my RT application that makes a ping every minute to check the connection with a Windows computer.

When the connection is OK, the returns TRUE.

Once the connection goes down, the returns FALSE (e.g. disconnecting ethernet cable)

When the connection becomes available again (e.g. reconnecting ethernet cable), the continues to return FALSE.

I have to restart the software to get the correct return value.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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