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How to Outline Group of 2D points

Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of a function already written (or easily edited ) to handle this problem.   I need to outline a group of 2d points (300,000+ points in most cases).  I need something similar to the convex hull algorithim, but in this case i need to be able to address concave points as well.  (So basically an outline of all the outermost points with some kind of tolerence.   (An example would be a 2d point cloud representing say the letter X.  What would be the best way to draw an outline of that point cloud X ?



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It appears as though we do offer some modules that have convex hull algorithms and they are primarily associated with image processing. It could be possible, albeit awkward, to manipulate array data and supply it to the algorithms as image data. 

Jeff L
National Instruments
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