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How to Measure CPU temperatures & Cooling Fan Status

I am currently running LabView Real-Time 8.6 on a desktop PC which resides in an AC-cooled cabinet which contains intrumentation and sensors that connect to the various DAQ boards inside the desktop PC.  Recently through  improper maintenace procedures, the cabinet AC-unit did not function properly and the desktop PC overheated.  Once the AC unit was fixed, the desktop did not function correctly so it was replaced.  since the desktop runs labView RT it runs on Pharlap as the OS not Windows.  Is it possbile to write some VIs whose function it is to monitor CPU temperature, cooling fan status and just general PC health status data.
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I do not believe there are any VIs currently written that allow you to monitor fan status or CPU temperature. If available, these functions would need to be accessed through the Phar Lap ETS system itself. You may want to investigate IntervalZero to see if they offer this capability, and then the possibility of programmatically accessing it through LabVIEW Real-Time.


This is a great product suggestion.

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