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How to Know "How much time I run my VI"


I want to measure for wich time I run my labview application?

In other word, when I run my application, I want to measure for how long time it runs.


I have other problem:

When I use the DAQ system to enter an analog signal from outside, I choose the sample rate to be 1000 and thus my system slow down specialy that the program will wait 1 second each time to give the another acquisiton. How to solve this problem.

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You can measure the execution time by reading the current time before and after execution. Subtract start-time from end-time end you get the result in mili-seconds.

Just have a look at the picture.

Hope this helps.

Using LV8.0
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Can you include some of your code so that we can analyze the structure? When you say "thus my system slow down" do you mean you LabVIEW program, your whole system, what? Doing 1000 samples/sec is usually not a major strain on modern machines.

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As Beckto gave the example for your first question (or you can implement something similar or along that line using the other time tools).

As for the 1000 samples taking 1 sec each, that may be quite normal as well. It means that each sample gets taken at 1 ms interval. I can't remember the exact number that an iteration takes, but what you could do is take a time stamp of your loop for a single loop or better yet, 10 loops (divide by 10). That way you'll know the sampling rate and the time per loop iteration. You may notice that it would be close to 1 ms.

I'd be curious abiout it, so please post the result 😄

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You can use Tools>>Advanced>>Profile to get timing and memory statistics of your vi and its subvi's while they execute to find what is causing the bottleneck in your system. This solution requires no programming but I am not sure if it is available in base labview systems (if you have the base package?).System slow responsiveness in DAQ systems often be alleviated through multithreading.

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Base includes profiling.

I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to read the profiling online help before attempting to profile. Select the Help button on the Profile window and read everything you can find, including the information linked from that help. You can wait until you are confused and frustrated, then read help, but read it you will. 🙂

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Now why didn't I think of that??

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