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How to Install OpenG Zip libraries on CRIO 9068



I need to be able to zip up files on my CRIO 9068 target controller. It looks like OpenG is an option, and I can install it on my computer to be able to use it in Labviews in my target VI's, but when I go to download, I get the error that the OpenG Zip library isn't installed on my CRIO. Looked at a lot of posts, but haven't figured out how to actually install the OpenG zip library on my CRIO. Any help or pointers to documentation on the subject is appreciated.

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This was a preliminary release of a version of the OpenG ZIP library that containns support for the cRIO. There seems to be a problem of some sorts for the x86 based cRIOs which I had no chance to test back then but it should work fine for the ARM based cRIO model you are using.


Support for the RT controllers is handled in a specific way. During installation of the VIPM in LabVIEW 32-bit for Windows (no other LabVIEW versions support currently RT development) an extra installer will be launched which will require adminstrator rights to install the necessary files into the shared section of the NI software. After this when you go in NI Max to your controller and select to install additional software you should see an OpenG ZIP library package that you can install. This is necessary to install on the target system in order for a LabVIEW program which uses the OpenG ZIP library functions to work on that cRIO.


I'm still trying to get a full release soon.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Thanks for responding. So I have installed Open G Zip on my Laptop, but I don't see it show up anywhere in NI Max when I look to install additional software. Not sure what extra steps will make it show up in NI MAX.



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You need to install 4.1.0-b3 from the link in my message. Earlier packages do not support RT targets. Download that file and then in VIPM select File->Open Package File(s).

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Ah, I see. Unfortunately I can't get access using that link you sent. Probably a permission thing. When I try to sign up on your site to get access I'm getting an error whether I try to sign up directly or with google...



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Ohhh I see. It's not my site by the way but LAVAG, a community site whose abbreviation is LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects Group. It should work, but for reference I'm adding the link to the discussion thread which you should be able to read even without being logged in.


Here is the package from that thread as you do indeed need a valid login there in order to download files. Rename the file from *.zip to *.ogp before trying to open it in VIPM. This forum software does not seem to like file endings it does not know about, eventhough I think it should accept ogp and vip(m) files.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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One other thing you might be interested in is the zip functionality built into the operating system on your controller.  Your controller is running the Linux RT OS and as a result you get all the power of Linux's community and tools.  It sounds like you already have your software written for the OpenG zip stuff so you should see if you can get that working.  But an alternative would be to use the System (found on the Connectivity >> Libraries & Execution palette.  Here you run commands like a command line.  With the zip package installed (my controller had it installed by default) you can perform a function like:


unzip "<Path to zip>" -d "<Directory to Extract to>"


I'm not sure what other functions are supported but this command will extract a zip to a directory.  One feature of the OpenG stuff I really liked was being able to extract a single file, and I'm unsure if the zip utility in Linux has that capability for now.  You'd have to read the documentation and help.

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Great idea! I'll try that. I tried to install your attached Open G zip library and I'm getting a side by side error so this may be a better option for me right now.



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